What a lens, baby.

I’m back in the ol’ office today. My inbox is happy to see me, but I can’t say as I return the sentiment…the day has had a great-to-see-you’re-feeling-better-here’s-some-work vibe to it.

But on to the photos I mentioned. One of my bosses loaned me his Canon EOS 10D and a lensbaby last weekend. The camera is, obviously, pretty sweet, but it was the lens that provided most of the fun.

The local produce market.

I’ve seen a lot of lensbaby shots before and can’t say that I always love the look, especially if it’s used in every single photo.

Next to my bus stop.

But that’s before I tried it. The thing is addictive.

Next to my bus stop.

I didn’t realize this before, but the lens is attached to an accordion-like piece that screws on to your camera where the regular lens goes.

Signs of fall.

Once it’s on, you create the focus manually by pushing and turning the lens.


This is about as manual as it gets these days, people, and it’s harder than it looks! (I took a lot of shots where nothing at all is in focus.)

Bean after her bath.

(Yes, the dog got a bath last weekend – Stinky Bean needed to become Clean Bean.)

Country driving.

I had the camera with me in the car when Josh and I got stuck in traffic next to some wheatfields (ongoing construction, don’t ask), so I thought I’d put together the little set of small-town/driving images that you see here.

After the harvest.

Harvest is over, so we’re surrounded by fields that look like this.

Husband in the car.

Husband looking pensive as he stares at the immobile car in front of us.

Self portrait.

I don’t usually take self portraits, but this was just too convenient. (You can see my fingers holding the lens in focus.)

That’s a lot of lensbaby, I know, but I kept going because it felt so, so….undigital. If you come across one, make sure to give it a try. :)


6 thoughts on “What a lens, baby.

  1. Ah… I miss those open, golden fields. Thanks for the Palouse pictures to remind me of life in a little dusty town surrounded by wheat :)

    That passenger side mirror shot is just irresistible isn’t it?

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