It’s no fun being sick.

You know how sometimes you’re just sick enough to stay home and not infect everyone else but not so sick that you can’t catch up on that little pile of unfinished projects? This is not one of those times. I made the strategic error of checking my work email this morning instead of pretending it didn’t exist (as my pounding head and throat suggested), so the day hasn’t been entirely work free. But other than that, I’ve managed to read. And drink 7 Up. And languish on the couch. Will show some nice fall pics taken with my boss’s camera as soon as I’m up and about, but at the rate things are going that probably won’t be for another day or two. :(

In the mean time, some cushions and a novel await.


2 thoughts on “It’s no fun being sick.

  1. hope you are feeling better tomorrow and enjoy the rest if you can. I’ve been unpacking and cleaning today, but it feels good. ttys

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