Input appreciated.

Wow, guys + gals – you’re the best. Thank you for all your comments!

Y’all made some good points about the color…I lightened the background and darkened the second line of text so it shows up better. I think I like the two-color format better than just white, although white’s got a lot going for it.  And the corners will be rounded. :)

Business card 3.

(I fixed the little text problem, too. It’s amazing how many things you see right after uploading an image.)

Now that I’ve got the card mostly straightened out, I put together a matching banner for my Etsy shop.

Etsy banner (coming soon...).

And I’m working on another banner for this blog, since the blockprinted cards aren’t really what I’m up to at the moment. I inked the drawing during lunch and will hopefully have time to paint it tomorrow…so be prepared for a new look on Friday!

A quick comment about Jason’s suggestion to use my own letters for the text. I had been planning to do this, but they lose their definition when I make them small. Kind of disappointing – I felt like I had invented my own font for a while! But I think the P will pop up from time to time (as an avatar, perhaps).

Alphabirdybet P.

Once again, thanks for all the feedback. And let me know if you can think of any more great improvements!


4 thoughts on “Input appreciated.

  1. Your banner and business cards looks great! I love how they are detailed but also very clean :) Hope all is coming together to get the shop going. I’ll check back on Friday to see your new look.

  2. Awesome banner! I like the two-tone much better now that you’ve lightened it. Before I was a member of the white-only camp.

    PS I think your birds are totally original. I had the same dilemma with “snapdragons,” but I’ve gotten over it. If it’s you, then who cares, right?

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