Input needed.

So I’ve been working to develop a business card for the past few weeks, and it’s been a bit of a challenge. The problem with a business card design is that you want it to be The One because you’re going to print a jillion and don’t want to have to re-do them. Ever. This requires finding an image and a design that you can live with for a long time.

I’m not sure this is “it,” but I thought I’d stop and ask for your feedback before getting any farther along.

Business card, version 2.

Do you like the blue or the white better? Or do you think both of them are boring? I want the design to go with that of my Etsy banner (also in progress)…and as you can tell, they’re both birdy-themed.

Business card, version 1.

Er, I also thought I’d add a note about the shop name since birds are everywhere these days. I don’t draw/paint birds because they’re trendy. Paulabirdy has been my email address for about four years now, and I’ve loved birds since I got the Audobon guide to North American birds when I was six. I just wish it didn’t feel so un-original to do the bird thing. :(

I can’t guarantee that I’ll follow every bit of advice I receive, but if you could take a moment to chime in I’d appreciate it.

Thank you!


14 thoughts on “Input needed.

  1. Definitely the blue. Much prettier and more professional looking. I love the birds and don’t think they are boring at all! I like the one on the far right who’s ‘chatting’ with his neighbor. Hope things are going well at your house. We’re delivery-minus-two-weeks here!

  2. i think you should do both. eventually one grows on you and then you can discriminate against people by deciding whether they get inferior/superior business cards or not. which really doesn’t matter because everyone likes different things anyways. but sometimes it’s fun to be choosy. i always have fun printing off 5 different invitations or whatnot, and then meting them out to the people whom i think they suit. maybe you should do variations on a theme? i’m sure i’d like them all.

  3. Another vote for the blue here! Although I really like Mavis’ idea of doing both. And I got rounded corners on the last batch of business cards I had done and they looked fab! Just a wee little something that made the cards stand out from “regular” business cards.

    And, finally, your design is not boring AT ALL! Your birds are gorgeous and absolutely full of character :)

  4. Hey Paula,
    The alphabet looks really professional, love it. I like the white card better, because of the higher contrast. Also, when it’s blue on top, it looks like they are sitting on a white wall, but the line crosses in front of some of their tails, and not others, which is slightly confusing.

  5. I really like both designs. That being said, the brids seems to pop a little more on the white vs. the blue. Also, you might want ot tweak the spacing so that the y doesn’t run into the second line. Unless of course you want it to. :) I can’t wait to buy something from your shop! xo

  6. I am torn… eeek! but I will say I like the white better, as it stood out to me more and is much cleaner. But you know me and clean, fresh minimalism.

    PS Liked them both obviously. Frankly, I’d really have to see them printed out. It makes such a difference as you know. Look forward to the photos!

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