The rest of the Alpha-birdy-bet.

I don’t know about you, but I had a lovely weekend. I meant to take some photographs to share, but I discovered that my carefully-charged batteries were dead (??), so that’s not going to happen. Hrumph. The camp where we were staying was next to a river, the weather was the best sort of almost-autumn, and I got to hang out with and talk to some of my favorite people…what’s not to like?

But on to the rest of the alphabirdybet letters. I’m not done editing these by a long shot, so if you see some extra blobs or dots, never fear – they’ll be cleaned up before they go in the shop. (Unfortunately, prints always seem to be about half creation-on-paper and half editing-on-computer.) I don’t want to edit out all the character, for sure, but I can do without pencil smudges.

Alphabirdybet E-H.

Some of the letters look more evenly spaced than others, but that will also be fixed in the poster.

Alphabirdybet I-L.

Now that I see them all together, I suppose I patronized the letters in my own name – the P, A, and L are some of my favorites.

Alphabirdybet M-P.

Er, maybe the G, too. And the huffy little bird on the O.

Alphabirdybet Q-T.

Perhaps the S as well…?

Alphabirdybet U-X.

Okay, I guess I like them all.

Alphabirdybet Y-Z.

(The G-birdy and H-birdy are below.)

Alphabirdybet E-H detail.

Thanks for all your birdy-love, by the way. I really appreciate the comments! I am trying to reform my antisocial blogging ways and comment more – I’m so terrible about stopping to say anything. A lot of times I feel like everything’s already said and one more “cute girl drawing…” isn’t going to make someone’s day. But your comments make mine, so I’m re-thinking that mentality.

If you take a look at this photo from the Enormous Tiny Art Show II opening last weekend, you can see my paintings framed and hanging in the background. And…it’s hard to describe how happy I am to say this…the sealion + penguin painting has sold already. This is my first gallery sale, so I’m going to go ahead and feel really, really excited about that even if it’s kind of dorky. My deepest darkest fear when I sent the paintings off was that no one would like them and none of them would sell. But at least one has!!

Now that the alphabet is finished and scanned, I’ve got some computer work cut out for me. But I’ll try to get another drawing or two up this week, and I’ve been pushing around business card designs all weekend. Maybe you can give me some feedback…


7 thoughts on “The rest of the Alpha-birdy-bet.

  1. Hi Paula,
    I was also going to ask about the Z. I think I really like the ones with leaves, but also the pairs. I am really glad about your painting selling. It must be such a lift.

  2. Never fear, the Z is also on the “fix in Photoshop” list. (But it looks so nice backward!)

    Believe it or not, I was so intent on the bird that I didn’t even think about the letter…

  3. okay, this is still just killing me. There is something about your work, the way you ‘do’ animals that is just perfect to me. your penguin work (that sold, congrats!) is amazing, these birds, they are all fantastic. You just capture them in a way that i just love…

    maybe with all the money i save on groceries this month, i’ll be able to use in your etsy shop when it opens!! :)

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