Sneak preview.

I finished the Alphabirdybet letters but I didn’t have enough time to scan all of them, so I’m going to give you only a sneak preview of the A-D set.

Alphabirdybet A-D.

I lightly painted over the ink with watercolor and the Bristol board held up pretty well. Although next time I might, you know, plan ahead and actually use watercolor paper.

Alphabirdybet D.

The strange thing is that I am absolutely in love with these little guys. I usually have a very begrudging relationship with my work – I love to paint something, but I usually hate what I’ve painted (at least for a while, and then acceptance sets in). But this time I am so happy with the bluebirds. I feel as though I painted them into existence, as though they’re living happy little birdy lives in alphabet land somewhere. I’ll show you the rest on Monday and you can decide if you agree with me. :)

Also, as a sneak preview of future plans, I have decided to open my Etsy shop on October 12. Alphabirdybet prints will be available as individual letters and as a small alphabet poster, and I’ve got some Christmas cards in the works. And I think I’ll have a big batch of the vintage fabric quail and sparrow cards printed as well.

I’m going to Coeur D’Alene this weekend with the mum + sister, so there won’t be any painting. But I’m taking a new skein of yarn and a sketchbook, so I might have something to show for it.

Happy Friday!

P.S. If you go to my Flickr page, you can see all the Alphabirdybet sets lined up. (At least I can.) It’s kind of fun to see how they progressed.


4 thoughts on “Sneak preview.

  1. These are REALLY Cute!!
    Somehow the color livened them up, before that I just thought, “oh, some more of your nice drawings.” Now I want grandchildren even more.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Ah… I love it when that happens – the projects that you can enjoy right away are the best. (I once had a skirt that sat in the closet for a year before I forgot how much I hated the seams and started wearing it… the trials of perfectionism!) I am looking forward to your etsy shop. It looks like you will have some very lovely things to sell :)

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