Still painting.

I’m still painting the Alphabirdybet letters – I tried colored pencil and watercolor on my sample page, and the watercolor looks much better. (Boy, I can’t say how much I’ve appreciated having a “spare” to practice on. Usually I mess up on the first one anyway or just take some time to find my stride, so I’ve started setting it aside as a piece to practice techniques, etc. on. This has saved me from a series of dumb-ideas-that-seemed-good-until-I-actually-tried-them.) Since painting in the evening hasn’t worked out so well, I brought all my supplies to the office and have been trying to squeeze it into my lunch break. My top of my tall file cabinet is currently stuffed with water cups, brushes, and paper, but no one’s asked about it yet…

So I don’t have paintings to show, but I wanted to point out a couple of nice people and links that I’ve found recently:

I’ve got an awful lot of Etsy bookmarks right now that I’m saving for another post. I can see that it’s tempting to spend every cent you earn on other people’s stuff. And I haven’t even earned any cents yet. 

Will try to post some birdy letters tomorrow.


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