Feet week, cont’d some more.

Friday: Almost out the door feet.

Almost out the door feet.

(These feet were happier than usual because it’s Friday!)

I’m kind of sad that I didn’t manage to finish my Illustration Friday drawing (“alphabets”) by Friday, and now they’re on to the next theme. I’ve not been so good with deadlines lately. But I’ve got sketches and plans for a whole alphabet, so I think I’ll just finish on my own since I’m kind of excited about my idea.

Actually, I’ve been having lots of art project ideas lately with precious little time to put any of them into effect. I’ve got two Christmas cards, business cards, a postcard, and a new blog banner locked up in my head. Maybe this weekend…? We’re going to a friend’s wedding tomorrow, but Sunday afternoon might be a good time to sprawl on the couch with a sketchpad. Mmm, that sounds nice.

I’m taking off early today to get a haircut (shh!), but it won’t be all that dramatic. I contemplated a Big Chop for a couple of weeks, but I think I’m going to settle for a Minor Trim. So if you see me around and my hair looks a little shorter, you’re right.

Have a good weekend, all. And thanks again to Shash for the feet idea..it was fun. :)


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