New paintings, pt 2.

So, here they are. When I looked over the last post it seemed rather wordy…sorry if I bored you to tears with more-than-you-ever-wanted-to-know about painting. It’s mostly for my brother, who’s also an artist and likes to hear all the details.

As you can tell, I ended up dropping the “ink” part of my idea and sticking with the “paint.” Lots of paint.

Lion and Lamb.

The lion + lamb were my “test pair” from start to finish: first ones chosen, first composition, first painting.

The hawk and rabbit were second.

Hawk and Rabbit.

The others were developed from the photographs I was using…how could you not want to paint that little mouse?


The fox is – strangely – a little similar to another painting in the show. [Edit: I can’t get the link to work…check the show’s Flickr page if you want to see it.] I really like the other painting, and I hope it doesn’t seem like copy-catting. :(

Fox and Chicken.

If you ask which pieces are my favorite (which is never a bad question to ask an artist, especially if you’re not sure what else to say), I’d have to say that I really like the top of the sealion’s head.

Sealion and Penguin.

And I like the deer + wolf. I think it turned out to be the closest to the idea in my head.

Wolf and Deer.

I am still kind of sad that the pen didn’t work out.  The painting is a little more stilted-looking than I wanted it to be. I’ve always had that problem when I work on something over time – I start to think and plan too much, and then my lines and brushstrokes get tighter and tighter. And then it’s not as fun and loose and carefree as the sketches, which I frequently like better than the final product.

But now that these are framed and in the mail (which turned out to be a whole story on its own), I can take a little break and start something new. The Illustration Friday word for the week is “alphabets”….doesn’t that sound like fun?

P.S. There’s a Flickr page with all the pieces at the Enormous Tiny Art Show II. Mine aren’t up yet, but they should be soon.


2 thoughts on “New paintings, pt 2.

  1. Paula,
    Even though I am not a real artist, I like the details too! It’s just so nice to read something that you’ve written. :)

    I think that my favorites in this group all have similar compositions– in that there is a little bit of space between the two figures– it helps me to appreciate the forms of your animals more– so I really like the sealion and the penguin, and the mouse too.

    I have one question: why did you choose to have the deer and the wolf gazing in opposite directions?

    I hope you don’t think I’m reading too much into your paintings– I am always curious why artists choose certain layouts– and since I can actually ask you, I thought I would.


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