Sadly delinquent.

That kind of describes the posting around here, doesn’t it?

I mean, I haven’t even shown you the photos from last weekend’s Lentil Festival (and I know that you’re dying to see them, right?). So without further ado…

Here’s our little booth!

The Sing & Shout Crafts Lentil Festival booth.

The day was lovely, and the venue was quite nice. The people, however…they were also nice, there just weren’t as many as we thought there’d be. Hmm. I really thought this would be a great selling venue, and it turned out to be kind of slow.

Hanging our wares.

I was up till the wee hours the night before printing lentil cards, and I’ve got tons of them left. At least I’ve got back-up office Christmas presents, eh?

My new lentil and wheat prints.

Laura also printed a new batch of cards that are tres adorable and not-so-hot-selling. Very mysterious.

Vintage-esque cards by Laura.

We didn’t all do badly, though – Mackenzie’s stuff was a relative hit (as it should be). Lots of cute purses, embroidered bibs, baby toys…more photos here.

A few of Mackenzie's purses.

Dispite the low sales, we had a great time hanging out. I think that’s one of the reasons why people “do” craft fairs anyway, right? I mean, no one’s going to get rich off this stuff, but spending time with your friends is always worthwhile.

Hanging out with Laura and Mackenzie.

Before I forget, I also have to mention our first brush with crafty-blogger celebrity. As we were chatting away in our tent, a lovely woman with three children started browsing through the bibs. We start talking and it turns out that she’s none-other than the sister-in-law of Heather Bailey! Who has an etsy shop that I wrote on a little scrap of paper that I now can’t find! Aargh! So, sister-in-law, if by any strange chance you happen to read this, please leave a comment so that I can take a look at your shop. I really want to see your sewing, and it’s bothering me to no end that I can’t remember your name. So sorry!  :(

We’re going to have a Sing & Shout Crafts table at the good ol’ Moscow Farmer’s Market this Saturday, and then I think I might call it quits for the season. I’m still trying to move in a more artsy/less craftsy direction, and Saturday morning is a nice time to paint. Or sleep, for that matter. Have also been thinking a lot about Etsy lately, and why it might be a better marketplace than the local options…stay tuned for more in that direction.


4 thoughts on “Sadly delinquent.

  1. Hi Paula,
    I was in town the other day and your mom showed me your blog :) How fun! I’ve had a great time checking out the archives and getting to see your new place and your vintage inspired craft projects. I hope your return to doing more art will be a really great experience. Let us know when you open your Etsy shop ;)

  2. Hi there — I have two sisters in law with etsy shops, so you’re looking for either Rachel (rachelsanders on etsy) or Laura (lauragunnstudio on etsy). My guess is that you met Rachel?? She makes amazing baby clothes, diaper covers. Great taste! Laura is a painter. She makes amazing things too, but only sells her paintings on etsy, I believe. I hope this solves the mystery ;)

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