Quick, a post.

I had this nice Friday post planned for today but ran out of time. Hmm…the abbreviated version:

We’re creeping into fall here. This morning had a definite chill and I shivered my way to the bus stop. How did summer go by so fast?

Grain elevators look cool, especially the ones right next to my bus stop.

Grain elevator.

My card-printing plans have hit a hitch: I forgot that I don’t really like linoleum. I’ve been using the easy-cut stuff recently, and I’m going to stop feeling guilty because last night’s linoleum project was not particularly successful. I couldn’t get a nice, even print no matter how hard I tried. (And no, I didn’t switch my ink.)

Wheat cards.

Lots and lots of cards to make before tomorrow. Wish me luck, and have a good weekend.


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