Painting progress.

So, this is what painting progress looks like. Or should I say, “looked like,” as I had to clear the table a bit this morning. I finished six little gouache paintings last weekend but chickened out before doing the pen and ink work on top. (If I mess up I have to start over, and it seemed like a little more practice would be a good idea.) I have high hopes for the pen work, as I’m not particularly fond of one or two painting as they are now.

The look of progress.

Another reason to shelve the painting is that I really need to print some cards. We’ve got a Sing & Shout booth at the National Lentil Festival this Saturday, and I kind of haven’t made anything. No new sewing, but I’ve got plans for two new sets of handprinted cards (lentil design and wheat design), plus more quails, chickens, and birdie notecards. I haven’t been to the Lentil Festival for years, but my hazy memories are of lots of people, hot sun, lentil everything, and a good bit of small town goofiness. Should be a fun time if you can make it down, and there’ll be pics for those who can’t.

After the weekend, it’s back to the drawing/painting board.

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