Oh-so-fun while it lasted.

We’re back (again) and I’m writing this from the ol’ office. It’s amazing how fast vacation time goes by. Sheesh. It’s, like, twice as fast as regular time, you know? But in that week and a half, we managed to:

walk along my grandfather’s rocky beach at high tide,

Seaweed at the beach.

search for treasures,

Finding treasures.

add to the “pretty rock” collection,

Adding to the rock collection.


One of those hold-the-camera-over-your-head shots.

pick lots and lots of these,

A few ripe ones.

wash lots and lots of these,

Some berry picking results.

watch the pups try to play with each other,

The Bean and The Grub

and wave goodbye to aunt + cousins.

Aunt and cousins

Good times. Vacation activities not shown included lots and lots of driving, shopping excursions in Seattle (downtown + U District + Ikea), hearing Page France and Bishop Allen in concert (both very good), baking blackberry pies (delish), watching season 1 of 24 (addictive!), and painting (more on that later).  I miss it already. Sniff.

Next up: painting + drawing for the Enormous Tiny Art Show II.

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