Round 3 (a success story).

Third time is – apparently – the charm when it comes to dyeing sheets. I dumped them back in the tub on Saturday with a couple of packets of tangerine and, while the results still aren’t *exactly* what I’d hoped they’d be, they’re definitely good enough to put on the bed.

Bedroom with new sheets.

The color is quite even and satisfactorily covers the bleach spots, although you can still see them a little if you look hard enough (I’ve decided not to look). The final color is more orange-y than yellow-y, but at least it’s in the same family as my maple dresser.

The duvet color turned a nice dark grey after I added some green and orange, but it has been banquished to the closet for the time being as it’s much too warm for a comforter.

The orange color kind of matches the dresser.

In my excitement about having new sheets, I also decided to do a little bedroom rearranging and, after measuring to make sure they would fit, moved the bed and nightstands in front of the window. Before you ask if that’s a bad idea because of drafts, I should mention that it’s been in the 90s and 100s over here and we would LOVE some drafts around our bed. We also sleep with a fan on, so street noise is not a problem.

Moved the bed against the window.

I’m really happy with the new arrangement, especially since the curtains provide a rather dramatic backdrop and stand in nicely for the headboard that I can’t afford yet.

In the process of moving things around, I also found out that I can completely disassemble and assemble a cal king bed (frame and matresses) all by myself. Well, me + some advil.

In other news, I’m headed off to St. Louis, Missouri, in the wee hours of Thursday meeting for a conference. It turns out that I will have one free morning, so if you’re reading this and have any recommendations for fun things to do in St. Louis for a couple of hours (other than the arch; I’m not real big on heights) please leave me a comment! I’ve thought about trying to do a blog feature on the meeting a la “blogging the national stationery show” or something like that, but I doubt that you all are that interested in the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Phytochemical Society of North America. So, I will probably close up blog shop until the end of July. But the good news is that after the conference is over I’ll have more time on my hands, and I’ll have more stuff to show.

I hope you have a good couple of weeks!


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