Hello, Dolly.

Here she is, in all her fully-finished glory…

New handmade doll!

The thread spools are there for size comparison. When standing, dolly is about 10 inches tall – just the right size for a little one to carry around or momma to tuck in her purse.

Her dress is reversible and closes with velcro in the back (no buttons).

Her dress is reversible and closes with velco in the back. I tried to make her young child friendly, so there are no buttons or small parts to fall off or choke on. And both doll and dress are machine washable.

The face is embroidered.

The face is embroidered with a little lopsided smile.

Hair and shoes are handstitched.

The shoes and hair are handstitched to the body, which doesn’t show up well on this doll (the others are a little more obvious).

I am very happy that the new dolls can sit up by themselves, which was one of my goals. It also made this “photoshoot” a lot easier than the last one, when I actually sewed paperclip wires to the dolls’ arms and legs to make them poseable. This dolly poses all by herself!

(I took a pic of my photo setup, in case you’re interested…I like seeing that sort of thing. Tan cloth might seem nice and neutral but actually created a lot of color problems, so I don’t recommend it. But other than that, this is a very easy setup – based on this website’s instructions – that works for a lot of stuff.)

My photo setup.

Sooo, this little dolly has already been shipped out but I have pieces for 5 more: 1 more with dark hair, 2 with medium brown, and 2 blond. The other dresses are green/yellow and yellow/orange, and the fabrics are really cute. I’m still planning to take a little sewing break, but if you’re interested in one of the dollies ($40 + shipping) send me an email or leave a comment. Otherwise, I’ll finish them in early fall and take them to a local arts + crafts fair.

Regarding my last post, I’ve gotten some sympathetic/resonant comments that I really appreciate. To clear things up, I don’t plan to stop blogging because I really enjoy it. But, I’ll probably post a little less frequently – not that I’ve posted very often for the last few weeks! – and it won’t be quite the same subject matter as before. I’ve already started some drawings and have my next post about that all planned…

See you at the farmer’s market tomorrow, if you decide to drop by. :)

4 thoughts on “Hello, Dolly.

  1. Hi Paula,

    We’d like to order a doll–preferably with the dark brown hair, but if not that, then medium brown would be our second choice. Drop me an e-mail if you have a minute.

    Thanks! They are just lovely.


  2. Dear Paula,

    Evelyn loved her doll! She was exhausted at the end of the party when we opened presents (I forgot children’s parties are supposed to be short), so it wasn’t a good time for photos, but she held the doll and said dolly! dolly! while basically ignoring her other presents. I will try and take a photo today while she’s playing with it. Thanks so much!

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