(A little story relating to the title:

Husband has an enormous cd collection and a rather messy desk, and I sometimes wonder how he can find things. But, as I was getting ready the other morning, he sat down in his office chair and looked around for about two seconds before calling out, Honey, did you take my Best of David Bowie Collection to work? [I had swiped it the previous afternoon for my sewing room.]

Maybe you’re not as impressed as I was.)

First off, sorry about the lack of posting around here. You’ve been remarkably faithful about checking back, only to find out that I haven’t written anything.

Second, in case you’re wondering, I did finish one doll and sent it off to a very special birthday girl. But I doubt I’ll get around to blogging about it tonight, so you can find a sneak peak here.

Third, after mulling it over for a while and talking with husband, I think there are going to be a few little changes around here. As much as I dearly love reading craft blogs and trying to have one of my own, I kinda need to batten down the hatches and focus more on the job that pays the bills. I just began a much-needed increase in weekly hours that’s going to really eat into my creative time, and I have to get off the computer during lunch or I’m going to do some serious damage to my eyes. (Nighttime blogging seems to be more en vogue anyway, right?)

Another issue is that crafty blogging has been a bit of a diversion for me, and I think it’s time to get back on track. I like sewing a lot, but it can also irritate me to no end and it. takes. so. stinking. long. Even with Sir Speedy the Sewing Machine to push me along. It’s the same problem that I’ve seen other bloggers describe and have only recently begun to appreciate: sewing multiple copies of the same thing is efficient but really boring. 2 cushions for living room couch = fine; 10 patchwork bibs = not so much fun.

So, with the exception of finishing up the last 5 dolls, I’m going to quit cold turkey. This means that, if you want a doll or bib, they are now limited edition items and won’t end up in my future Etsy shop. If you’re not around to pick one up at the market, send me an email at jupiterbuttons [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll work something out. The home projects, however, will be continued (there’s something so satisfying about making things for one’s home) and will be amply documented when they happen. :)

What’s next, then? More art, less craft!

I’ve decided to go rather literally back to the drawing board and start some projects that I’ve had in my head for a while. First and foremost, I’m excited to say that some of my paintings will be hanging in the Enormous Tiny Art Show II in September at Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, NH. I found out about the show via decor8 and am still pinching myself that I got in…check out the partial list of the other artists. My art might be hanging next to Amy Ruppel’s, Susan Gharemani’s, or Marisa Haedike’s? Wow! I guess I’d better, uh, start painting. I’ve got the new pieces all planned out, but I haven’t had a chance to start them (I really didn’t think I’d get in on the basis of the samples I sent). They’re going to be different than the still lifes I’ve shown here or the cards I’ve been making – more like the “art school” days. I can’t wait.

Okay, I think it’s time to stop writing and make some dinner. But I wanted to say a very heartfelt thanks for stopping by and leaving comments that I (usually) don’t reply to…if I can get through the next month of work and get some art done on the side, I think it will be downhill from there.

Happy 4th of July!


4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

  1. heya paula, i’ve been having somewhat similar thoughts. i look forward to seeing your paintings! will you post them here or are you stopping blogging??!? i wanted to say i love your cds from the exchange. they are my favorites so far (hopefully no one else from the swap is reading this…if they are, i AM enjoying ALL the music!) anyhow, best of luck with the painting and working and all. thanks again for the rad tunes!

  2. Production line sewing does get to be a bit of a bore and the enjoyment slips away. I think you should make what you want when you want and enjoy it.
    Blogging is such a great diversion – but it can also be very inspiring and is such a great community to be part of. I’m sure you’ll still be very productive – I find the times I’m not doing craft / art I’ll be thinking about it and sometimes get some really good ideas.
    I love the dolls.

  3. Hey Paula, I am really glad you will get back into painting. It is my favorite form of your art. [Also, my lifelong hope is that sometime you will let me do a rough sketch/paint of something, and then you will redo it, making it awesome, if you know what I’m saying.]

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