Work + progress.

The “work” refers both to my office and the heaped up pile of sewing projects in my craft room. “Progress” means that I am chipping away at both of them, although it’s been kinda slow going.

As part of my weekend cleaning/organizing extraveganza [last post] I also decided to redo my craft room, which had turned into nothing more than storage space for all my fabric and art supplies. Not anymore! I moved the desk away from the logical place next to the window, stuck it next to a wall, added a few lamps, and jumbled all of my shelves and drawers until they fit.  I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down at the desk before, but I’ve been sewing there the last couple of nights and it’s been lovely (I can’t watch tv anymore, but that probably only increases my productivity). And now there’s not a messy heap of thread and fabric all over the dining room table when someone stops by unexpectedly.

Sewing (in progress).

The room still isn’t pretty enough to take a full picture, but I’m really liking the idea of a whole room devoted to sewing and crafting. And drawing, when I get around to it.

The dolls are still in pieces (I can’t decide whether or not I find the small array of arms and legs macabre), but I think I’ll get to the assembly stage on Thursday night so I can post some cute pics. Am going to see Die Hard 4 tonight instead of sewing…a girl’s got to have her priorities straight.


2 thoughts on “Work + progress.

  1. The dolls are going to be cutie, I can tell from the perfect mary janes adorning their little feetsies. A whole room devoted to crafting and sewing? What a dream.

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