The market and a new chair.

I got my photos up on Flickr yesterday but couldn’t find the time to write a post..sorry! I’m so excited to show you my new weekend find (can I call it “thrifting” when I got it for free?). But first, some photos from Saturday’s farmer’s market.

Abby, Hannah, and Laura were gone, so Mackenzie Miller and Bethany Hicks and helped Liz and I fill out our table.

New purses.

Mackenzie’s purses, little girls’ shirts, and flopsy bunnies were a very popular addition. (One of the bunnies kept my new cards company.)

Bunny and the new birdy cards.

Many small customers stopped to inspect the merchandise.

Inspecting the merchandise.

Bethany made the dog leashes, which were quite attractive to people who owned only cats (“I’d buy one but I don’t have a dog…”). Dog owners, where were you?

New dog leashes and another bunny.

We had a good time hanging out, which somewhat compensated for the lack of buying customers. I think the Sing & Shout girls are slowly coming to conclusion that people come to the market to buy food, not handcrafts (I guess that’s why it’s called the Farmer’s Market, huh?). Quite frankly, I’m not sure it’s worth our time to go very often unless we know that there will be more people. Perhaps when the students come back in August? I’m pinning more of my hopes on the Lentil Festival or the fall Arts & Crafts Fair, where – I hope – people are really looking for gifts or souvenirs.

But enough of the market – on to my new chair!

New chair (free!).

I’ve been looking for a little midcentury chair for a while now. My criteria were that it had to be small (can’t fit a big stuffed chair in the living room), comfortable, and having a wood frame. Oh, and cheap. And no shipping costs.  That sounds easy, right?

I regularly scan the furniture on our local Craigslist, the Goodwill and couple of other thrift stores but never found the perfect chair. Until my friend Alisha and I went to Palouse, WA, last Saturday to check out the big antique store there (the “Open Eye”). As we walked up, a man was putting a couple of pieces of furniture on the sidewalk with a free sign on them. I immediately see the chair and my heart skips a beat.

[Paraphrased conversation]
Me: “Um, is this furniture really free?”
Him: “Yes, we’re moving to a new building down the street and want to get rid of it.”
Me: {Gulp} “Including the blue chair?”
Him: “Yep – do you want it?”
Me: Lots of nodding.

Hurray!! And that’s not even the best part – when I flipped the chair over to put it in the car I found an extra surprise. It’s a genuine Knoll! I don’t know the designer, but I found a chair with the exact same back on an office-style wheel base selling for $225 on ebay. I mean, it’s no Eames, but I really like it. And it’s comfortable. Ahhhh. I don’t know how anyone could think that God does not care about thrifting when He pretty regularly throws great things on the sidewalk right in front of our feet.

The surprise underneath.


I almost forgot one last weekend project. (If you can’t tell, the weekend was more about house-ing than crafting, including some much-needed vacuuming and scrubbing.) After bringing the chair home on Saturday afternoon, I decided that the time had come to do something about our highly-visible and rather messy bookshelves. So, I pulled all the books off and began color-coordinating them. It’s still a work in progress and I in no way claim to be the originator of this idea, but I really like the way it turned out. Yes, it will be harder to find things, but arranging books by color instead of subject brings out new – and slightly strange – relationships between them (Complete Guide to Papillons next to True Spirituality?) and helps you to decide whether or not you really need all of them after all (Dad? Mom?). I highly recommend it.

Reorganized bookcase.


4 thoughts on “The market and a new chair.

  1. i saw this idea:
    and mentioned it to my husband. he said i was mad. my friend put all of her books in backwards (which i think is slightly a bit more insane). she says it makes her feel less guilty when all the titles aren’t yelling at her. “recovering biblical manhood and womanhood”? i can’t hear you.

    color coordinating is a good idea (only half batty), but i’m afraid most of mine are brown.

  2. P-Bird:

    1. The picture of the bunny in a box is striking. You should gather a “best of” collection, and include this one. Makes me almost want to write a story about the picture.

    2. I’m excited on the Knoll. It is an office classic furniture.


  3. What a great stall – I hope you sold lots. And that chair looks great – such a great find. Like you I’m trying to sort out my craft room – I’ve become rather ruthless and now have a smidge of space – although there’s a long way to go.

  4. Your chair is a nice find. The designer was Bill Stephens. He was also the vice president of design development at Knoll for a few years. He was a pilot(flew a Steerman), a great guy, and a very talented designer. He passed away last year. You’d have an easier time finding one of Charles Eames many designs than this one. It was very popular for a while in University libraries and other contract business environments. It is a wonderful design. Not many chairs can exist in large multiples in a space and yet individually and quietly be an expression of grace and comfort.

    He did a number of other chairs for Knoll but this one was always my favorite. I had the Knoll poster of it on the wall in my room when I was studying industrial design. When he became VP he went looking for a new group of designers. Needless to say, I was thrilled to be hired by someone whose work I literally looked up to all through school. Everybody in the furniture design world knew Bill Stephens. You have a wonderful piece of design history.

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