A printing success story (finally!).

I’ve been tagged by Ali from domesticali with a longish meme that includes some fun + random facts. Unfortunately, it’s getting (temporarily) pushed to the back burner by the exciting news that Overnight Prints did a great job printing my new notecards!

New sparrow notecards.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that finding a good printer has caused all manner of stress in the past. I heard about Overnight Prints via another crafty blog and was pleased to find out that they’ll do greeting cards in very small runs (as small as 10), versus the 250 or so that seems to be industry standard. 250 cards is a lot of capital for me, especially since I like to sell sets with multiple designs. So, despite reading some negative customer feedback online, I gave OP a chance and they came through with flying colors.

New quail notecards.

I decided to redesign my notecards a bit for this project and added a wrap-around piece of 4 of my favorite vintage fabric finds.

New card backs (from my vintage fabric stash).

I also printed the birds on white, since printing on fabric led to some problems getting the bird to stand out from the pattern (if you follow the link, you can see four of my old notecard designs at the bottom).

Printing detail.

The colors are lovely, the finish is nice, and they look a lot more professional than my Kinko’s/Stinko’s versions. I’ll be selling some sets of 4 at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday – Liz and I are going to set up a table for two, since the other Sing ‘n’ Shout girls are out of town. Come say hi and check the new cards out. :)

5 thoughts on “A printing success story (finally!).

  1. Ooh…I love these even more than the first batch you made. The vintage fabric background really makes the design pop! Great job. Wish I was going to be back in town so I could buy some.

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