Flowers from the garden.

I’ve been meaning for some time to write a post called, “My backyard, the jungle.” But I waited too long and the yard has been growing considerably less jungle-like every week as the landlord cuts down bushes and mows the grass. I’m grateful that he takes an interest in the property (not true of all landlords, eh?), but I kind of miss the secret-garden feel that the yard used to have: tall grass, ivy, a hidden bench, a little bird bath. It’s much more tame and open now.

The allium in my backyard.

It took me a long time to identify the allium for what it is – I watched as the plant grew taller and taller (the stems must be at least four feet long), wondering what it would turn out to be. Last week the little purple blossoms appeared and I knew. I wish I could get a satisfactory photo of the entire thing – it’s quite amazing in life.

Roses and white bluebells.

The roses and white bluebells are from the profusion of flowers in my parents’ yard. My own back yard has few enough flowers that I think my neighbors would notice if I picked them, but my parents’ rose bushes have been vigorously blooming for a month and you can’t tell if I pick 5 or 10.

I’ve been cutting out small doll arms and legs and bodies at night but haven’t managed to start assembling them yet. Tonight, maybe? I decided to handsew the hair and shoes again, so that’s taking a little while. I’m going to embroider the faces right afterward, which is one of my favorite parts.

I made a little discovery during lunch yesterday: instead of sitting at my desk, glued to my monitor for my entire break, I got up and went to another room and read a book. This happily resulted in no afternoon headache (thereby reducing my somewhat troubling advil consumption), so I think I need to rearrange my blogging/computer schedule to allow this to happen more often. Internet-land, I love you, but you’re not very good for my eyes.

Thanks for the comments regarding husband’s little party, by the way. I appreciate your feedback a lot!


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