And the winner is…



*That’s my sister and brother-in-law, for those not in the know. 

I’m not sure which half won…the one that left that left the “*laughing” comment (Marian?). Before you think that I’m patronizing my own family – and saving on shipping –  I have to say that this was a very fair drawing and I in no way tried to prejudice the outcome, unlike certain brothers. ;) I will post the playlist for the rest of you to see when I remember to take a photo.

Well, the day off was cancelled half way through with a phone call from my boss. But I did manage to accomplish the Bathing Of The Dog, which has been needed for some time now.


I guess we’ll have to stop calling her “Stinky” for a while.


Have a good weekend and don’t forget to vote for my board!


5 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Thanks Heather, it counts for me too
    (durn… odds… one flesh… shouldn’t count for 2… rrrrgh… Jacobmarian…)

  2. And, some reason “NOOOOO” reminds me of Chuck Norris diving in slow motion. for some reason. I’ll continue trying to think of why.

  3. I like that mental picture. I doubt you would ever want to admit this online, but have you ever watched Walker, Texas Ranger? I can imagine him doing that, on that show…..though I can’t really vouch for it since I’ve only heard of the show, and not seen it. ;)

    When I said it, it was more of a sinking to the ground onto my knees, clawing at the dirt, pounding the ground with my fist “NOOOOOO!”- but maybe the diving “NOOOOO!” was your wife from the future’s “NOOOOO!”

    Here’s another mental picture for you: when I asked one of my students what he did this weekend, he replied “I went swimming”, and when I asked him what he saw, he said “I saw some deer swimming.”

    Now imagine what it would really look like if a deer swam like us: doing the crawl, breast stroke, butterfuly or the backstroke. Now imagine it snorkelling (with flippers) and swan diving.

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