Remember us?

My stress level (and email inbox) runneth over at work, so I’m practising a little lunchtime diversion by thinking about the other projects I want to work on this weekend. [Edit: Okay, maybe this isn’t the best stress-reduction tactic.]

I’m hoping to take tomorrow off to do some sewing, and if that happens I’ll be working on something like this.

Ready for lunch.

Remember these? My little packaging-and-layout-project-turned-crafty from last Christmas? I had a request to make one more, and because it’s more fun + productive to make a batch I’m going to see if I can finish 4 or 5 in the next couple of weeks.


They won’t look exactly the same as Claire and Nelly, since I want to make the new ones a little bigger and work out some of the problems in the original design. But they will have the same vintage fabric dresses and embroidered faces. So stay tuned for some fabric cuteness.

Holding hands.

Our home internet seems to be working (fingers crossed) at the moment, so even if I’m home I’ll be able to post the cd winner tomorrow. Also, not that you’ve been holding your breath, but I don’t think the Sing & Shout girls will make it to the Farmer’s Market this weekend or the next. Sorry ’bout that…we’re all a little swamped at the moment.


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