Late is better than never, right?

Sorry I didn’t follow through on Friday’s promised post: I had a long, full, and frustratingly internet-less weekend. I’m trying not to say anything I’ll regret about Macs in general, so I’ll only comment that mine is having a bad year month week. Sigh.

Okay, the subject of Friday’s post was going to be..a little give-away. In belated honor of my 100th post (or, I Didn’t Know That I Had That Much To Say But Thanks For Reading It), I’m giving away an extra cd set from the swap organized by Shash from Mecozy. This was the took-a-lot-longer-than-I-expected project that I alluded to, as I vastly underestimated the challenges of  making my own cd cases and getting my printer to line up the inside and outside properly. (The inside design was eventually scratched, amidst a storm of wasted ink and paper and maybe a few bad words.)

print test sheet

The project was to design a two CD set. How fun, eh? Like the kind of thing you always wanted to be assigned in school but never were?

homemade cd cases

After some deliberation, I decided to do a night/day set.

yellow side

There had to be birds, of course, and it looked most natural for those birds to sit in a tree.

blue side

Some fiddling in Illustrator and Photoshop later and, voila! Blue and yellow.

I nabbed some printable labels at the Dollar Store (note: Kinko’s was selling them right next door for $18.99) and ended up pretty happy with the sets. Except that now that I’m looking at the photos, I see that one of them got a water mark. Aargh. Sorry if you’re in the exchange and you got that one. :(

no track listing..yet

Anyhoo, I also made up an extra set so that you, lovely reader, have the opportunity to get one if you didn’t sign up for the swap. I’m not going to show the track listing yet, but it’s a lot of fun – if you like husband‘s taste in music, you’ll probably like this since a lot of it is from his collection (I have always been an unashamed music borrower rather than a purchaser). All you have to do is to leave a comment below sometime before I leave work this Thursday afternoon (June 14). I’ll cut the comments out and put them in a bowl so husband can draw one with all fairness and no peeking. And yes, I will ship internationally, so certains friends + relatives living abroad are welcome to enter.

So why not put your name below and let me know who you are? ‘Cause everyone likes new music, right?

16 thoughts on “Late is better than never, right?

  1. Nice work. Count me in as well…I always like hearing new music. Shipping to China takes forever (I’ll be back in Seattle before it got here), so you can just ship it to my parents if you do pick my name :).

  2. Will the collection have that song I like by the flaming lips? I would like personal delivery, please. I can hardly wait!

  3. I would also really love to hear and have your cd’s…and I’d love to make some cd’s for you, except I’m sure that Josh has absolutely everything that I have….and I do not really have the technological prowess to make nice cases or print out labels but in the spirit of your 100th post (and each one has been such a delight to read, I might add), I’ll try to find a way to improvise.

    Do I just make the two cds for you or do I have to make them for 30 people?

  4. 1) Misread your post and now understand that it’s a lottery I’m entering.

    2)I’ve decided if I don’t win (and honestly, I’d feel guilty about winning over a cousin or your darling brother), I might just send a mix along for you when I finally get around to sending all my friends their mixes.

  5. Timu/ninja/guy, you total cheater – only one per person. (I’ll put jacobmarian in twice if the other half comments.)

    Mom, no Flaming Lips this time. So many songs, so little cd space.

  6. Oh, right, toss out the “one flesh” thing when it becomes convenient, Jacobmarian. I guess I need to get married now to even up the score.

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