I’m sorry that I’ve been quiet this week (and that I don’t have a nice photo for you today) – I started a fun, supposed-to-take-one-evening project on Monday and I’m still not done. I am finally learning to accept the fact that I am the worst estimator ever of how long it will take me to do something. But, if you stop by the blog tomorrow afternoon, I will a) have photos and b) make it worth your while. ;)

Hmm, what else have I been up to besides the mystery project? Well, I’ve got some new + improved notecards in the works for anyone who wants some at the June 16 farmer’s market; I’m putting stuff together for a nice little yard sale at the Dalbeys’ house this Saturday (email me at jupiterbuttons[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to come and don’t know where they live); I’ve been trying to conquer the heaps that are piling up on my desk at work; and I’ve discovered that I have mysterious power over the weather.

No really, I do – the mere act of leaving my apartment/office prompts a light drizzle, and arriving at the bus stop causes a sudden downpour. This experiment has been repeated several times now with the same results. Oh, and failing to wear a jacket will ensure that the temperature either drops by 10 degrees or that the rain gets harder. Nice June we’re having here, eh?


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