Another Farmer’s Market.

Saturday was a warm (=hot) and sunny day at the market. We were very, very grateful for our tent. There haven’t been a lot of people lately, which is leaving us a little mystified. Maybe more people will come when the vegetables are ready…everyone is kind of disappointed when there aren’t any tomatoes or squash, even though it’s too early in the season. We’re all hoping to repeat the success of our first day at the market and it just hasn’t happened yet.

That said, the Sing & Shout girls had a great time hanging out all morning.

A little fidgety.

(Note: The fish wasn’t the only one who was fidgety.)

Luxie again.

I convinced the babies to model bibs for me, and they did a stellar job.

Luxie, another sweet bib model.

I’m so happy to have provided Luxie with the first shots of what will undoubtedly be a long and illustrious modeling career.

Judah, my bib model.

And Judah even sat still for 5 whole seconds!

Getting it on was a little tricky.

In other news, team Gibbs is still working on the ol’ home internet connection. My poor little iBook has been stretched beyond its intended abilities, I’m afraid: too much music, too many PSDs, and too little maintenance (the battery is pretty much shot). We don’t really want to get another Mac – sorry, Mac fans – but can’t afford to replace all my software, so I think we’re looking for the least expensive PC laptop that can handle 1) iTunes and lots of music, 2) wireless, and 3) word processing. There shouldn’t be any that mess up 3), so it’s the first two that are the concern. Any suggestions? So we don’t drop-kick our Clearwire box out the window because we can’t use it?

One thought on “Another Farmer’s Market.

  1. Hi Paula~ cute pictures! about the computer thing, I would totally ask uncle teddy ~ he was really helpful (and nice) when I was looking for mine :)

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