More thrifting luck.

I was going to post about a lovely little art gallery that Josh and I visited in Palouse, WA, but the gallery’s got to wait because I’ve had another bout of thrifting luck. We lined up early for a small estate sale yesterday evening, and as a result I was the fourth person in the door (which has never happened before). I’ve recently learned that the key to successful estate sale-ing is to grab first and contemplate later. I used to feel like this was unnecessarily greedy, but I’ve noticed that “she who hesitates is lost” as other people have no qualms about camping out on an entire section and telling you it’s theirs.

So, when I spotted a pile of pretty fabric in the bedroom I stuffed it in my bag. A couple of old dishtowels, too. And then there was that lamp on the desk downstairs, which looked like it might be promising. I carried my prizes out to the door, haggled a little on the price (another first!), and hoped that $15 wasn’t too much for what might turn out to be a pile of really ugly stuff.

It wasn’t.

New dresses.

For starters, the pile of pretty fabric turned out to be three dresses. At first I was a little disappointed, but then I realized that the dresses looked like they might actually fit me (vs. the size 2 petites that I usually find). I tried them all on, and they do! They have a pretty dated fit, but I’m wearing the blue one today and it’s really light and summery. The one with the large lace collar is especially cute.

New dresses (detail).

I also discovered that the tea towels aren’t in the best shape, but they’re wonderfully soft after 30 or 40 years of use. I think I’m going to use them as…tea towels. Yup. I sometimes get so carried away being “creative” that I forget that I can use something for its original purpose.

Tea towels and table runner.

I also nabbed a couple of pieces of barkcloth that look like the leftovers from curtains in a children’s room. Not sure what to use these for, yet.

Barkcloth scraps.

Finally, I found something I’ve been wanting for months: a table lamp for the white cabinet in our living room. I didn’t like any of the the local Ross or Wal-Mart options and we don’t have a Target, so I’ve been regularly checking all the local thrift stores. Nothing seemed just right until I found this one sitting on a desk at the estate sale and decided it would do. Ever since then, I’ve been loving it more and more. I even love the yellow drum shade. It’s all perfect.

The perfect lamp.

I think this is my only thrifting for the weekend because I’ll be at the Farmer’s Market all Saturday morning. If you’re local, please drop by and say hello! (Absolutely no pressure to buy anything, by the way – it’s just fun to see people I know.) I’ve got lots of new bibs and birdie cards, so I’m thinking it will be a pretty good day.

I hope you have a good weekend.


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