Some bibs + an experiment in Flickr.

Lately, any sort of holiday has seemed like a good opportunity to get more sewing done. Between Saturday and Memorial Day, I managed to finish 10 bibs + some new printed cards + something completely different (that I’ll show you when it’s done).

New vintage patchwork bibs.

I usually don’t get very excited about my own crafts, but I think that this batch of bibs turned out really well. Much better than the first ones.

The pink one.

I was able to conquer a few material + frustration issues, so these went together faster and look crisper. I also used some pieces of my favorite vintage fabrics, like the flower print in the center of this pink bib. It’s from an old apron that I found in a pile of scraps at an estate sale.

The pink one (detail).

Sir Speedy, my sewing machine, was unusually cooperative and all this was accomplished with a bare minimum of ripping out and re-doing. [My sewing has thus far involved an awful lot of ripping out, so this was a pleasant change.]

The red one.

This red bib (for a boy or a girl, I thought) is backed with the red/yellow/black plaid in the center, which I’ve realized that I need to start conserving. I found a good yard or two of the stuff at the Salvation Army, and it’s going fast.

Little bibs in a row.

Here they are lined up in a row so you can see some of the backing fabric. They’ll be for sale at the Farmer’s Market next Saturday, June 2.

In other news, the Gibbs family is thisclose to having internet at home, which means that I might post more often. Or not. It’s kind of nice to have blogging time limited to lunch so that it doesn’t take over. But, I think you’ll hear a lot more from husband when we can log on in our own living room.

Oh, I should also mention that I’m finally re-activating the ol’ Flickr page. I have almost come to the end of my free space on WordPress, so I’m going to start uploading most of my photos onto Flickr and linking to them here. I’m also hoping that this will pressure me to improve my photography. :) Flickr is a really, really great site, I’ve just been lazy. So please, pop on over and say hello.


2 thoughts on “Some bibs + an experiment in Flickr.

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  2. Sweet little bibs, you’ve got there. I keep a seam ripper very (very) handy when I use our machine. I got a new machine, but I don’t want to open it until we get there (there in this case woulf be Moscow). Well done, I like the intrigue of not knowing what this new project is…My Mamasita jut got a set of your card, from my future Mom-in-law (Pam Stevenson) and she loves them.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

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