Weekend sewing.

I have high hopes for my sewing productivity this weekend. Josh is working Friday and Saturday evenings, so it’s just me, my sewing machine, and some tv-on-dvd. (Oh, and the dog…sorry, Bean.)

I’ve already managed to take this pile of fabric


and reduce it to this


and this.


(Those are bibs-in-progress, in case you can’t tell. 10 of ’em.)

In other random +  unrelated news, Josh and I have discovered that the Audian in Pullman shows $2 movies on Thursday nights. This is perfect because he works Fridays and Thursday is the new Friday. We saw Disturbia (= very scary remake of Rear Window) and Next (= pretty good Philip Dick) last night. It was $4 per person well spent, as we had an extremely good time.

I hope you have a good weekend! 


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