A pillowcase purse.

When I heard last week that a recent issue of Martha featured a tote made from a pillowcase, I got a really specific image in my mind of what it looked like. And then I actually saw the pattern – on Martha and as made by Three Pink Trees) – and found out that, while adorable, Martha’s idea wasn’t the same as mine. (Sometimes it’s really nice to know that you’ve got some originality left in you!)


Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to try my idea out to see how it looks. I picked up this pillowcase during my last-and-greatest thrifting adventure and started chopping away on Tuesday night without a pattern.


Because the pillowcase was soft and thin, I added a lining made from an old cotton/poly sheet.  I also included a pocket since (as I’ve said) I can’t stand a bag without a place to put my keys.


My pattern also ties at the top, which is a look I’ve never tried before. I think it works well on a light weight summer bag.


I tried to take a photo of the way the purse looks when worn, but this was the closest I could get. I’m really happy with it and will (hopefully) have a few for sale at the farmer’s market on June 2. I’m already searching for the perfect pillowcase to use for mine. :)


3 thoughts on “A pillowcase purse.

  1. The pillowcase you used was the same pattern as the sheets my mom bought me in 1975 for my college dorm room! Ahh, back in the day…

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