Some thrifting luck.

My mother and I meet for coffee after work on Tuesdays, and we usually head to one of the local thrift stores after we’ve chatted for a while. Yesterday we somewhat randomly decided to go the the larger of the 2 Pullman options (“Palouse Treasures,” located behind Dissmores). We were performing our usual amble around the first floor when my embroidery beeper went off in the direction of the “misc tablecloths” box, which had an awful lot of fabric tucked in clear plastic bags. I opened one up and stifled the urge to shriek.

Tableclothes? Nope.
Vintage pillowcase in perfect condition with intricate hand embroidery? Yep.
More than one? Yep.
Price? $2 each.


There are times when I just can’t figure out why on earth someone has given something to the thrift store. It’s one thing if it’s an estate sale and cousin Billy didn’t look through the linen cupboard very carefully. But who in their right mind would pull these beauties of the closet, think “Huh, don’t need those anymore,” and stuff them in a bag headed for Palouse Treasures??


The embroidery is impeccable (even the back side looks good!) and the edges have what looks like hand-crocheted trim all the way around.


The cotton is unstained and softened from years of washing.


In addition to the these (because when it rains it pours), I also picked up a couple of cute printed pillowcases and some lovely sheets to use for fabric.


And a really adorable half apron.


And a really cute vintage tv tray that I forgot to photograph.


I’m thinking this ranks up there with the Great Palouse Thrifting Venture of 2006, when mum and I wandered into the community thrift store in Palouse right after someone brought in BOXES of vintage linens and tablecloths. The incredibly kind person running the store (who has not been there since) let us go in the back and rummage to our hearts’ delight. I only came away with one tablecloth that I gave as a wedding present, but mom got some real jewels for a couple of bucks.

I have to say that one of the reasons why I felt so lucky was that my mother was standing right next to me, admiring everything that I pulled out of the bin. My mother is the best thrifting buddy ever. I should have put up a nice mother’s day post about that, because I rarely – if ever – shop as well by myself as I do with her. Mom makes every good find seem better and every item returned to the shelves seem like something I really didn’t need anyway. The pillowcases probably wouldn’t have been there (or I would have just bought one and spent all night regretting it) if mom hadn’t been with me. :)

Tomorrow, I’ll have some pics of a really cute pillowcase purse that I put together last night when I should have been sewing bibs. (No, not those pillowcases…I’m going to save the embroidered ones for a) my children or b) a really extraordinary idea.) I think you’ll like it too.

P.S. Husband just posted a list that includes his recent thrifting luck. After weeks of lousy Goodwill shopping, he found 13 or 14 really good CDs for $2 each. As in, CDs that you would buy for $15 each and not feel bad about it. The lucky thrifting stars have been shining above the Gibbs’s apartment this week. 


5 thoughts on “Some thrifting luck.

  1. Hi Paula–

    I decided to stop lurking and tell you that I love your site. I have been enjoying all your crafty creativity for a couple of months now, especially since I have no time to do that kind of thing myself these days. I know there are some super-moms who can keep up with sewing projects, etc. with two small kids, but I’m not one of them. The only thing I’ve sewn in the last two years was a pillow cover (three seams) and I had both kids hanging off of me crying by the end! So I’m delighted to live vicariously through your blog.

    I have a couple of lovely pillowcases squirreled away for when I actually have some free time, because Maureen sent me this site: and now that we have a girl, I’m dying to make cute little dresses out of them. I thought I’d mention it in case you’re ever at a loss for good pillowcase usage–or get tired of making cute bibs and have a baby shower coming up.

    Wish we lived closer so I could come and buy your stuff at Sing & Shout!

    Esther Howe (Maureen’s sister in case you can’t place me!)

  2. It must be the season of vintage pillowcases….before we came on our Moscow trip, I stopped at a few yard sales and came away with three sets of beautifully embroidered vintage pillow-cases. And, when I visited the Moscow Goodwill, I found a set of more retro style floral cases. Hopefully I can post pics soon of my finds.

    Talk to you soon.

  3. Esther – thanks for delurking! Of course I know who you are. I expect that my crafting will decrease considerably once I have children, so I’m enjoying my extra time while I can. :)

    I’ve seen pillowcase dresses before and think they’re adorable. I’m a little afraid to sew clothing for children, however, since I don’t have any to try my samples on. (I could see myself sewing five dresses that look great on a hangar and much less great on a little girl.) Congrats on your 2nd baby, by the way…I’m a little behind on the news.

    Liz – if you haven’t gone thrifting in Pullman, you should give it a try. I can tell you where the stores are.

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