It rained.

So, it rained on Saturday. The weather’s been lovely the last few weeks, and it was a little bit of a shock to step outside at 7 am to grey skies and a gentle sprinkling.  Fortunately, Abby’s brother lent her a tent and we decided to go for it anyway.


I posted quite a few pictures here, so hop over and take a look if you’re interested in our setup and what we were selling. I managed finish all five oilcloth tote bags and a few new bibs.


(Please ignore our unhappy-looking neighbors, who were quite cheerful in real life.)

In the future, I’m not sure we’ll bother to come to the market in the rain even though we have the tent. There just weren’t a whole lot of people milling around, and the ones that did show up wanted to grab their bread and vegetables and leave. Not that I blamed them.


I’ve got a litte stash of sellable goods left over, so I think I’m going to take it a little slower over the next two weeks (our next market date is June 2) and not cram every evening with a new + complicated project. I’m thinking some new bibs, a couple of new fabric birdies, and some new printed cards ought to be about right. Oh, and I’ll have more sets of the fabric/printed bird notecards, which – randomly – have been very popular and sold out.

A note to those who’ve heard about the Moscow shooting incident: we don’t know any of the people involved, but we’re praying for their families and friends. Abby lives very close to the area where the shootings took place and we are so grateful that her family is safe. Josh and I live 8 or 10 blocks away and mysteriously did not hear the gunfire, so it was a huge shock to find out in church the next morning that a crazy man with a machine gun had been wandering around the streets of our nice little town.


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