1 down, 4 to go.

I heart oilcloth a little less today, having struggled with it a bit last night.


I did manage to finish one bag, but four others are still in pieces. It would be kinda tempting to leave them that way, if this one wasn’t so cute (it looks much better in person than in these early morning backyard photos, by the way).


My biggest problem is that the shiny side of oilcloth is really slippery. The masking tape helped keep the pieces together, but I still had to deal with the fact that the feed dogs on my sewing machine didn’t like to chug-chug the way they do with cotton.  More like chug-chug-whir-chug-whiiiir.


But, I found that as long as I kept a good grip on the fabric I could pull it along fairly evenly. This is the guinea pig bag – which I like enough to keep, if no one buys it – and I think the others will turn out a little better.

I did remember to add two nice pockets on the inside, since I really despise carrying a tote bag full of miscellaneous shtuff and hearing your cell phone ring at the very bottom. (Josh bought me a new bag with pockets because he was tired of watching me rummage frantically during this precise scenario.)


Sing & Shout Crafts will be at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow, and I’ll have (hopefully) five of these bags for sale for $25 each, along with four patchwork bibs, a couple of fabric birdies, and some cards.

I hope you have a good weekend!


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