I heart oilcloth.

I wish I had more fun photos to show you, but the truth is that the oilcloth tote bags are progressing rather slowly. I cleverly made the size of the bags a little too large for my cutting mat and it took a while to measure and cut everything. One dull rotary cutter +  some frustration + partial viewing of The Fountain later, the pieces are finally ready to sew.


The cuteness factor is shaping up to be high. Very high, in a pink-40s-retro kind of way. The pink oilcoth underneath is the original print left over from my wedding reception, and I bought some pink gingham at La Bella Vita to use for accent and pockets.


I bought some of the white flower print and the blue gingham as well, in case you’re not that into pink (I go through phases myself). The pieces look really cute mixed together and scattered around my dining room table.

I squeezed in a little sewing before I left this morning, and it was just long enough to come up with a new technique. One small frustration with oilcloth is that it’s a little skittery to sew on. I bought some tear-away stabilizer for the tricky parts, but I was having trouble getting two pieces of fabric to lie still on top of each other and not skew.

Enter: masking tape.


Yup, I found that I can tape one piece to the other, sew my seam with no problems, and whip the tape off afterward with no sticky residue. It’s hard to get all the tape off if you sew over it, but if you just sew along the side it works like a charm.

I felt very please about this method and hope to use it to great effect tonight.

I heart oilcloth.


One thought on “I heart oilcloth.

  1. P-Bird,
    I really like the last photo in the series (the sewing machine foot).
    One of most attractive things about your blog is the great use of photos.
    Uncle “The Brother” Teddy

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