Baby Beck’s bib.

I gave away my first bib ‘n’ bird set at a baby shower last night.


When he arrives in six weeks or so, little Beck Cummings will be the proud owner of green-birdy and a nice bib to drool all over. (Not that he’ll appreciate either for a while, of course.)


The shower also featured this crafty + useful gift, made from soft flannel.

Tonight’s project is to continue working on some oilcloth tote bags. I’m finally dipping into the sizeable stash left over from my wedding, and the goal is to finish 4-5 before next Saturday’s market.  I’ve never sewed with the stuff before and am excited to see what it’s like – any tips??



4 thoughts on “Baby Beck’s bib.

  1. That oilcloth will be fabulous for totes. Maybe you should try some bibs out of it too. Or make an ‘outdoor’ baby blanket for playing on the beach or grass–one side flannel one side oilcloth.

  2. I’m thrilled over the success of opening day last weekend–your photos are always terrific! I plan to be there this coming weekend, and I’ve been telling my friends…

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