Sing & Shout Crafts made its first market appearance on Saturday, and it went great! You can find additional photos of our wares here; we had a lot of cute things in the morning that were gone by 10 or 10:30. 

 (If you’ve never met me, I’m the one with the green Illinoise shirt and I-woke-up-early hair.)


I decided to take a mini-vacation from my day job on Friday to make stuff, and it was a good thing I did. I finished 6 patchwork bibs, our sign, and miscellaneous display props…at 3:30 am.  It’s been a long time since I stayed up that late. I wasn’t even sure that I could do it post-college, but the fact that I was sewing instead of writing a paper helped a lot. :)


I was really, really happy with the bibs. They’ve got a front made with small pieces from my vintage fabric collection and they’re backed with soft vintage sheets. One girl told me that the pink one (above) was the cutest bib she’d ever seen. Hooray!


The sign was made from another thrifted sheet.


I decided that my suitcase needed some dividers, so I spent a while fiddling with cardboard and some old wallpaper I’d had for a while. They’re not the sturdiest, but the set-up is much better than the loose stacking method I used last fall. My cards are on the left and Laura‘s on the right. (Hers sold very well, and they’re even cuter in person.)


We’ve decided that we need to get an umbrella as we were quite toasty by midmorning (we had planned to take shifts but ended up hanging out and talking). We had two babies with us who were quite well-behaved, given the noise and heat, and contributed significant cuteness to our table.


We’ve decided to set up a table next Saturday (May 19) but will probably take a week’s break after that. I’m going to see if I can finish a few more bibs (only 1 left!), some new quail cards, and some oilcloth tote bags before then. I don’t think any of us was prepared to be so successful, so we’re each having our own little production crisis this week. If you need me, I’ll be sitting behind my sewing machine.


4 thoughts on “Marketing.

  1. Looks like you ladies did well. I’m so glad you’ll have the table up next Saturday!! I’ll be in town and want to stop by and find some items for a swap that I’m in. See you then. :-)

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