The birds.

I believe that I may have discovered a new species of bird.

Strangely enough, I didn’t notice them until this morning. They must have crept into the house overnight, hopping across carpet and tile and wood to find their hiding places. I have to say that they don’t camouflage very well…I spotted this fellow by the window right away.


He seemed to regret the decision to move indoors and was gazing wistfully through the glass.

Another green bird was waiting for me in the bathroom, having made a cozy nest in the towels.


These two yellow ladies were chattering happily when I walked into the kitchen – I’m sure they tried to get into the jars, but (fortunately) the glass lids were a little too heavy.


The red bird attempted to blend in with a pile of fabric, but I spotted her anyway.


After rounding up the others, I took a quick glance around our rather unkempt backyard. I almost missed him, but a little green fellow was crouching inside a clump of flowers. Fortunately, his cheery yellow beak and wings gave him away.


I have given the new species the temporary name Fabricus vintagalis, at least until the crew from National Geographic arrives and I get my name in Science. (You know, then.)


There were eight originally, but a red-bird and a green-bird flew away before I could snap a photo. The others are waiting until Saturday to do the same.


5 thoughts on “The birds.

  1. Hi Paula~

    These little birds are the cutest things in the world!!! I love them. So simple. So sweet. I’m constantly blessed by all your blog posts. Just love the roosters and cards and everything! Your talent is a joy to behold. Just wanted to add my two cents. Hugs and kisses.

  2. I love the cute little birds – it makes me want to go home and sew some up. Too bad I’m at work and have loads to do when home. Thanks for the bright spot.

  3. The birds are cute, but the fact that my sister is now posting to blog sites is even cuter. However, posting is not good enough. They should be blogging.

    I’m now waiting for either Mom, Dad, or Marian to start their own blog.

    Obviously, Dad’s blog would be labeled something like “Musing On Low Temperature Shock Wave Propagation.”

    It would be the anti-cute site.

  4. Uncle Ted,

    You’ve got the wrong mom, actually, but I think that your sister has snuck in a comment or two.

    Of course the Marstons (and ex-Marstons) need to diversify – how else could we take over the world?

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