Almost, but not quite.

I almost finished the new new bird prints last night but ran out of materials (and steam). Linoleum is great stuff but it’s really hard to cut, so I’ve been using some softer rubber blocks instead. If you’ve never given them a try, there are a few pros and cons to keep in mind:

Pros: really easy to cut, allowing for a lot of control when making curves and eliminating fear of slipping and stabbing self with sharp knife.
Cons: disintegrates easily, causing stamps to have short life expectancy.

Not all rubber blocks are created equal, though – my favorites (sorry, can’t remember the brand) are on the harder side while others are very, very soft. I was trying to use one of the latter for the bird faces last night and it was really messy. Need to get more blocks.


Oh, my new camera arrived! I was a little worked up because I knew the UPS guy would come at 10 am (who’s home at 10, anyway?) and I’d miss him. I shouldn’t have worried: he did come early, but just…left the package there. Tucked next to our right-off-Main-Street door. Hmm.


I had only a few minutes to mess around with the camera, so these shots are some of the first ones. White balance is, as usual, an issue. I found some helpful articles online about how to set it manually, so I think I’ll try that for the indoor shots that always seem to have a yellow or green cast. Need to try adjusting the ISO, too.


If you’ve got a minute, you need to check out the absolutely adorable patchwork curtains that Manda made with some fabric scraps I sent her. She is a patchwork genius. I think she and Sally Shim have been the only people who could have inspired me to give it a try myself (will post photos of the bibs as soon as I have a chance to finish one).

Finally, be sure to check out the earrings that Abby will be selling at the Sing & Shout Crafts booth this Saturday!


One thought on “Almost, but not quite.

  1. You wouldn’t be up for making one of those great vintage dolls anytime soon, would you? My daughter’s second birthday is coming up in a couple months and I’d love to buy one from you for her. Just whatever scraps of neat fabric you have around. I’m not picky.

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