I decided that, in the spirit of (late) spring cleaning, I would try a new blog style – if you checked JupiterButtons this morning, you probably saw all manner of strange things as I fiddled around. Not sure I’m loving the current look, but I’ll give it a week before I kick it off.

[Edit: do y’all like this one better? The quail is a test drive for a new card print.]

I ordered my new camera yesterday, a Canon Powershot A550. Amazon said that it shipped today, so hopefully it will arrive in a couple of days. I really miss having a camera.


10 thoughts on “Hmm.

  1. I liked your other blog, but I’ll read either style. However, the other was was clean and simple without the pulling of many different images for the head.

  2. I like the new pictures up top better, and I like the grey on the sides. But, the old one was easier to read, and cleaner looking.

  3. I agree with Diane. I really liked the bright colors of the pin cushion and the tiny detail of the ring. The quail is really cute, but it doesn’t grab my eye like the old one did.

  4. I also preferred the pincushion header. This seems too pale for some reason. Looking forward to seeing your new pics with the birthday gift. Now, if only I could find my camera cord, I could actually post pictures. :-)

  5. P-Bird,

    The new look works.

    I understand that the traditionalists like the old pin cushion, but part of this may be that “new” always gets rejected at first.

    This is visually striking and it really pushes the “Paula Muse.”

    I would keep it.

    Uncle T

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