I’m sorry to announce that there’s not going to be any posting this week (or until I get a new camera, whichever comes first). I was the happy recipient of enough birthday money to get a nice point ‘n’ shoot, which will have to do until money starts falling from the sky and I can get the camera of my dreams. But first I have to figure out how to squeeze maximum camera value out of $200. Any suggestions along those lines?

Sylvia and Sarah Ben, thanks for all the wheatgrass suggestions. I did put a lot of seed in, but I think my grass might be hampered by the really shallow cups. When this batch dies – which shouldn’t take too long, considering how quickly I kill plants – I’ll try again in some deeper dishes.

The big garage sale on Saturday was pretty good; I didn’t get any small pieces of fabric, but I came away with 6 or 7 cotton/poly sheets with flowers and polka dots. I finally washed a load of my vintage scraps and stupidly let them dry all the way, which meant that I spent the next 2.5 hours (not an exaggeration) ironing in front of the tv. Afterward, I rewarded myself by putting them all into little heaps of coordinating colors and patterns, which was quite fun. I’ve decided that I simply must start using some vintage fabric if I’m to continue buying it. To that end, I hope to have some small sewn items at the Farmer’s Market (currently working on patchwork bib and small stuffed bird patterns).

Speaking of the Farmer’s Market, the Sing & Shout Crafts blog is up and running, so please stop by! As soon as we finalize our first market date, we’ll post it there. I hope that all of you locals will stop at our table to say hello, especially if you’re a lurker and I don’t know who you are.

When I return next Monday, I should have a lot of cards and sewing projects to show you. Until then, I hope you have a good week!


One thought on “Hiatus.

  1. Hi Paula, I recommend using amazon.com. Type in digital cameras in the search option when you get there. You will get a myriad of cameras to look at, with prices. And each camera has reviews by those who have them already. Happy Hunting.

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