Back door curtain.

Our back door used to have a curtain made from eyelet lace and a blue-and-maroon-Americana-print ruffle. Ick. Last Saturday night, I decided that I couldn’t bear to let our guests see it and whipped up a substitute from an old sheet.


It’s not spectacular, but the view is now much improved and it goes well with my aunt’s  daisy watercolor. Don’t you love the round frame?

Much stress at work this week. The problem with having multiple bosses is that they can all ask you to do something at once. And then call repeatedly to see how their project is going as you scramble to finish stuff for the other guy. Sometimes they even put you on speakerphone, and it’s such a nice treat to know that your “ums” and “ahs” are being amplified for whoever-else-is-in-the-room to hear.

I’m probably learning valuable lessons about priorities and time management, but I’d much rather that it be Friday already. 


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