A real find.

Do you ever find something at a thrift store that you just have to buy because you can’t believe that it exists?

I had one of those moments last night. I think Josh thought I was crazy, but this is my new prize from Goodwill. I present to you…the Firm Believer.


I think the record cover speaks for itself, so I don’t have a lot of comments (other than Brothers and Sisters, I think we can do better than this).




I dunno, maybe you don’t find this as funny as I do.


8 thoughts on “A real find.

  1. oh my god
    no really, oh my god
    that is awesome
    and totally necessary as most christians i know are out of shape
    but really
    that is soooo

  2. Oh Paula, let’s put on leg warmers and get to it! Ha! This was hysterical.
    Hey, I’m sorry I missed the open house. More than sorry, actually. Student lunches ranged long. I am inviting myself over…maybe next week? :)

  3. Lola,

    Yes! You can invite yourself over! This week is stressful but next week should be better…we’ll talk. [And if I had a record player, we could also do waist standing (whatever that is) to “Stand by the Power.”]

  4. uh WOW. Funny I never would have thought to name a band “the mighty clouds of joy.” you’ll have to play it for us on sunday. :)

  5. Jacobmarian – At list this puts our family record collection in perspective, eh?

    Liz – Just let me know when you want a “heavenly” workout and I’ll send it over.

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