Just doing my job.

Sometimes work can bite back in unexpected ways. Take this morning, for example.

This morning, I finally introduce myself to a girl/neighbor who rides my bus route. We go through the “what do you do” routine and it turns out that she’s interested in the graduate program I coordinate. Score! As we take our seats on the bus, I instantly flip into recruitment mode and begin to describe the many wonderful features of our program. As I do this, I stuff my travel mug into my anniversary-present canvas bag. This is normally not a problem, as I usually finish drinking all of my coffee beforehand. New friend and I chat all the way to Pullman, I feel pleased that I’ve found a good prospective student.

Fast forward three hours: I am reaching into my bag for chapstick and notice that things are a little wet. Uh oh. I quickly empty out the contents and discover that “wet” is an understatement. Coffee mug is instantly discovered to be the culprit, I instantly feel really dumb. The thing that makes this worse it that I tend to carry a ridiculous amount of stuff with me. Everything in the pockets (like the cell phone, thank you), is unscathed, but everything on the floor of the bag is drenched. Including my digital camera. I pulled the batteries out and let it dry for a while and I’ve found that I can coax it to turn on. Beyond that, it’s obvious that drinking coffee is not good for a camera. Coffee = 1, camera = 0, Paula = not enough $$ to get a new one. So, no new pics for a while, folks.

All because I was doing my job.


3 thoughts on “Just doing my job.

  1. Awww, sheesh! Sad ending, but a good story.
    Paula, I don’t know what I’ve been thinking not visiting your site more – I love your house transformations. Can’t wait til Sunday.

  2. Hah! That would be nice. But seeing as they’re adding “graphic designer” to my job description and upping my hours, I’m all gratitude at the moment.

    By the way, is Stew-bird biting your finger in your avatar?

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