On the wall.

I put the fabric hoops on the wall last night (it made me nervous to think of them lying around, waiting to get spilled on). For once, I followed the Martha-recommended method and actually taped paper cutouts to the wall first. I’ve always avoided this because it seemed too time-consuming, but it was entirely worth the extra effort.


I got to shuffle the little circles around, stare at them, and shuffle them some more without hammering any extra holes in the wall. Plus, it’s hard to hold seven fabric hoops up to the wall at once and actually see how they look together.


This is the new view from the dining room into the kitchen. There’s one more tiny hoop on the top right that you can’t see because of the doorframe.


I like the fact that the hoops are all made from the same fabric. I love the other samples of this method that I’ve seen, but some of them can be really busy if there are 8 or 10 different types of fabric. This one print is plenty for me.


The only regret I have is that the installation is a little more, er, girly-looking than I had planned. Since getting married, I have tried very hard to curb some of my feminine decorative impulses. Josh is a very patient guy, but I don’t know how women with extreme-vintage houses manage not to drive their husbands nuts (or maybe they do). So, I keep most of my turqouise-and-pink finds in my craft room and choose more manly colors for the rest of the house. Except for the pink, purple and red flowers shown here.


I’m also going to squeak in a photo of one of my favorite decorations ever, a (Josh-approved) Japanese parasol mobile that I got from a friend. Erin, if you happen to ever read this blog, I will hang this mobile in every house I ever live in.

I’m going to visit a little craft fair during lunch break tomorrow, so this will be the last post of the week. Hopefully, my sewing machine will be fixed any day now and I’ll get to spend the weekend struggling with 7-ft fabric panels (curtains, anyone?). I hope you all have plenty of fun stuff to do, too.


3 thoughts on “On the wall.

  1. Fabric hoops also make great earring holders with a layer of fabric plus a layer of netting. It’s nice being able to see all the earrings at once (well…the ones with hooks, at least) so I can consider all options and don’t forget what I have. You’ve inspired me to consider transferring my ever-growing collection from its one large hoop to several smaller ones. I think I’ll stick to solid fabrics, though, as the jewelry itself makes things busy enough!

    Oh…and hi! I wandered in from Josh’s blog…or maybe Moriah’s. :-)

  2. I actually didn’t think that those wall hangings were that feminine– but then again, I am a girl. If he ever complains about them, you can tell him about some of the apartments I’ve seen over here. One married friend has a house that is dedicated to Hello Kitty– her couch is pink, her pillows are in the shape of Hello Kitty, and she has even crocheted little booties for her furniture in the shape of Hello Kitty heads.

    Furthermore– if it’s okay for guys to wear pink now, then it should be okay for them to have a little pink in the house.

    I absolutely love your umbrella mobile. It is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile.

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