No sewing.

Last weekend was supposed to be full of sewing. I was supposed to start (and finish) the long-awaited living room curtains and a couple of muslin panels. I was also supposed to come home from our Saturday morning thrifting with a bunch of great stuff to show on this blog. What can I say? Things don’t always work out the way they’re “supposed” to…

Regarding yard + moving sales in general, Josh and I have decided that the phrase “HUGE Multi-Family Moving Sale” has been adopted by everyone from the college roommates  trying to sell three books and a couple of old t-shirts to neighbors getting rid of very well-used baby paraphernalia. None of which really applies to us. We went to one big estate sale, but we arrived 45 minutes after it started and most of the good stuff I saw was in the hands of people waiting in the check-out line. My mum (who was there promptly at 9 am) said that it started out as a feeding frenzy of people cramming stuff into boxes, which I really dislike. There’s something about estate sales that can bring out so much greed in people (I know it does in me!), and I always find it so tragic to walk through rooms full of carefully saved treasures that the dead people’s children and grandchildren didn’t want. I did find a couple of things I like (including a 60s flower-print metal box) but couldn’t manage to take a decent photo of them.

However, even though I didn’t have any great thrifting finds, I can show you the treats that came inside my yearly Easter basket:


My mom has made really, really great Easter baskets for all of her kids for as long as I can remember. They always have something tasty (chocolate-covered almonds, mmm) and something fun. This year, I got an adorable little leather purse and this fabric + trim. The blue ricrac is so tiny and perfect – you can’t really see the scale. I think I’m going to try topstitch it to the shirt-I-plan-to-make from the pattern and fabric below:


JoAnn’s was having one of their $2 Simplicity pattern sales, so I picked up this Built-by-Wendy design and the two fabrics shown. I’ve already cut out the pieces to make pne shirt as-shown in green and another with the yoke from the dress design in the blue Swiss dot. Where are you, sewing machine?

Back to the Easter baskets, though – I wasn’t sure if mom would decided that Marian and I didn’t need them any more since we got married. Thanks for deciding that we still do. :)

I wish I had more artsy-craftiness to show, but I don’t! So I will leave you with the amazing art that has been blossoming for the last couple of days in our back yard.  Quite frankly, it’s a lot more impressive than anything I can come up with.




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