Craft room curtain.

The title of this post was supposed to be “craft room curtains,” and I got within two seams of my goal last night. And then the sewing machine started having tension problems (why does this always happen to me?) and now requires a trip to the sewing machine doctor. I don’t begrudge this, since the machine was a very gracious gift and I know I’ve got to put some money into it sometime. But couldn’t it have finished those seams first??


I’ve found that I really enjoy making my own curtains. When it comes to curtains, I find that the nice ones are all really expensive and the cheap ones are really polyester-rayon. Sewing your own seems like such a viable, cost-conscious alternative. This curtain is very similar to another set that I did for our old living room that, unfortunately, don’t coordinate at all with our new place. I don’t have the patience to patchwork, so as a compromise I just sew long strips together. They tend to be a little uneven because my sewing machine thinks it’s a racehorse and the fabric just flies by (okay, there’s always was a lot of seam-ripping and muttering when I sew curtains). But I usually like the way they turn out.


The flower print is a pillowcase; I was going to cut it into two panels but it was barely wide enough as-is. The striped fabric is the leftover from a sheet that I’m making into two long panels to hide my shelves (the panels that my sewing machine refused to finish). As soon as I get those up – and I think I might just handsew them – I’ll fix my random assortment of wall decor and take some nice pictures during daylight. Which will hopefully take care of that yellow tinge. And then I’ll unplug that clock, too.


Isn’t this a nicer, cheerier view for our neighbors?

I’m taking tomorrow off for Good Friday, but on Monday I’ll be back with the finished curtains and the weekend’s thrifting finds. Good luck with your own treasure-hunting.


5 thoughts on “Craft room curtain.

  1. Love the curtain, very cute. I really enjoy reading your blog; it makes me want to go out and go estate saleing/thrift store shopping!

  2. Man, sometimes you remind me of my sister so much, it about kills me. She absolutely loved daisies as a young woman.

    BTW: We all miss you down here. Can we hire you to come back and do our curtains? It would be a good excuse to have you visit. Why don’t you come back down with your Mom?

    In Great Affection,
    Uncle T

  3. And in addition to all this good stuff I have a gorgeous colored pencil drawing of two people sitting on a tree proudly displayed on my desk for my Japanese co-worker/gradstudents to see.

  4. Tim, I didn’t think of the drawing until the day before mom + dad left, so it had to be quick. Glad you like it.

    Uncle Ted, I would LOVE to return to sunny SoCal and visit your fam again. And make curtains. Unfortunately, the ol’ budget is not permitting (sigh). Mom is a wayyyy more helpful guest than I am, anyway.

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