Dumb moves.

I wouldn’t say that this has been a “bad” week, but it has been full of dumb moves. Less-than-brilliant moments have included:

  • mailing the rent check to our utility company and vice versa
  • thinking that a warm iron would get the creases out of my new plastic photo hanger (um, PLASTIC? what was I thinking! at least I put a towel on top so it didn’t melt onto the iron)
  • finding out that the neighbors’ pit bull wants to eat our dog

The last one isn’t my fault, I guess, but it’s probably the most alarming. I didn’t witness the incident, but Josh did and feels as though little Bean would have been breakfast had he not fended the other dog off. Note to self: check yard thoroughly for unkind animals before letting dog out. Would not want little Plumpitudinous (= plump + pulchritudinous) bitten by beast 5x her size.

I don’t have anything crafty to show because I’m working on a swap with the fabulous Manda of Tree Fall Design. I put most of that together last night, though, so I might start on one of my many sets of curtains tonight. I should probably start with the one for the craft room window, so the neighbors can’t admire my messiness all the time.

I leave you with a view of our entryway. A kind coworker gave me a bunch of pussywillows, which dried nicely and make me want to pet them every time I walk inside. I like that in a plant.


P.S. Thanks for all the kind comments lately, especially from people who haven’t commented before. I really enjoy finding out who reads this thing.


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