Dining room: Before + after.

We all love a good before + after, right? So, in the spirit of spring makeover season, I offer…my freshly-painted dining room. (Regrettably, the “befores” were taken during the day and the “afters” at night, so the lighting conditions are different. But I think you get the idea.) Also, should you desire to try this at home, be warned that lots of cool trim = lots of time to paint. I think it took me about 4 hours per coat…at least it should have, if I hadn’t run out of paint with 8 square feet left to go. Why does that always happen to me??

View from living room:



View toward living room (see my new vase?):



View toward kitchen:



(The wall art is some free wallpaper scraps I ordered from Graham & Brown framed in two breakfast trays a friend gave me.) 

View from kitchen doorway:



Please excuse the wonky chandelier in the last photo…I think the light fixture is really cute, but the little lamp shades have been a problem. They supposedly rest on top of the bulbs with metal clamps, but when I changed a bulb last night I couldn’t get the shade to fit back on – it would stay for a few seconds, and then shoot off in unexpected directions. And the ones that do stay on are never straight.

Also, I’d like to mention that human beings are not the only creatures that have “fat days.” As shown in the very first pic, dogs have them too.

Things I (now) love about the dining room include:

  • the way the new paint elevated it from “room where people eat” to “dining room” 
  • the way the creamy white trim contrasts with the grey-green-blue 
  • the way our Shopko table looks a lot like this table from Crate & Barrel (and cost a lot less!)
  • the way the chair backs complement and emphasize the grid on the cabinet doors
  • the fact that the paint inside the cabinets (which was there when we moved in) almost exactly matches the paint on the wall
  • the fact that my husband loves it as much as I do

We’ll start inviting y’all over soon so you can see it for yourselves…


4 thoughts on “Dining room: Before + after.

  1. Actually, it looks even better when you see it in person, like when you go into your apartment! I was very impressed because when I saw the color on top of the paint can I wasn’t totally optimistic…shows how wrong a mother can be! It makes me want to do my own dining room: maybe this summer.

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