Fabric scraps.

These days, when I walk into a Goodwill/Salvation Army/Thrift Store, I almost always head straight for the housewares section. I used to make a beeline for the clothes, especially dresses, but the new apartment has changed that. Great fabric or linens + good prices – trip to JoAnn’s = happy Paula.

I diligently searched every thrift store we went to last Saturday for nice printed fabric to use as curtains or a wall-hanging. No real success on that front, unfortunately, but I came away with two bags stuffed full of scraps for $1.70 each. I didn’t want to open them in the car, so it wasn’t until the next day that I realized what fun prints were in them.


There are a bunch of little (as in, 3″x4″ to 10″x12″) scraps of red, white and blue fabric..


..and some fun browns and greens.


These plaids and prints are a little larger – maybe 1/4 of a yard.


These last two, though, are the biggest (1/2 yard-1 yard), and I LOVE them. The green and blue print, above, is quintessential “vintage” fabric in my eyes. And it’s authentic, not a reprint.


The pattern on the more coarsely-woven fabric, above, is also fun. It’s more graphic, and I’d love to use it for a pillow except that the colors don’t really match any of my stuff.

Now I just have to figure out to do with all the itsy-bitsy scraps (I’m not really a patchwork girl) and the bigger pieces. But that’s not a bad challenge, right?

I also said that I’d show the results of our little furniture swap. The pic below is of the original furniture arrangement, which bothered me for a couple of reasons (the darker stain on the cd tower, the hodge-podge look).


Enter the cabinet whatsit that I got at the Goodwill a couple of years ago for $20 (one of my few Goodwill furniture finds – it’s usually so picked-over that there’s nothing nice).


Voila! The short bookshelf and the cd’s move next to Josh’s desk, videos go inside the cabinet, and the tv is at a better viewing height. Three cheers for re-organizing your own furniture, which is definitely the cheapest design solution I’ve ever found. The stain on the cabinet is a leeetle bit more red than the oak bookshelves, but I’m going to try not to let that bother me.

I should have pictures of the entryway soon, since I spent last night giving it a first coat. The yellow-ochre is darker than I thought it would be (I’m glad I didn’t choose the darker shade!), but I think the room can handle it because it’s so small. I’m sorry that all the apartment photos have been so terrible – I’m trying to improve the photography around here, but I usually don’t get the chance to snap pics until it’s dark outside. The fabric had nice natural light because I, ahem, missed the bus this morning and had half an hour to clean the apartment and take photos. I briefly contemplated sitting on the couch and reading a magazine, but productivity won. As usual.


5 thoughts on “Fabric scraps.

  1. Love those anchors (can’t get enough for some reason) and the red and white in the top picture. Great find! For some reason I find mostly knits in the fabric piles at my thrift shops.

  2. Oh, I find a lot of knits, too. So much of the fabric at thrift stores (knit or woven) has little tiny patterns on it, when what I want are large graphic designs. Why don’t people get rid of more of the good stuff?

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