It snowed this morning, and I’m pretty sure it’s my fault.

All yesterday I was humming a little song clip and trying to remember the band, album, etc. Went home last night and gave husband the only phrase I could remember (“we don’t need oxygen“) and he instantly came up with JJ72. What a guy.

So when I went to bed last night, I already knew that come morning I was going to listen to the kind of soulfully angst-ridden music that is much, much better suited for cold weather than that start of spring. I even remembered that the record has a whole song called “Snow.” But did that stop me? Nooo, I wanted my 20 minute bus ride with Mark Greaney wailing in my ears.

I have to say that it was a really lovely ride to work this morning – the windows on the bus were spattered with mud and water, and I could only see the blurry outlines of cars, people, landscape, and snow…large, wonderful, flakes of snow that I hope are the last until next November. After today, I’m putting JJ72 on the back shelf and saving them for fall.

In other, completely unrelated news, Josh and I have been thinking about getting a second dog. When we went to Spokane last Saturday (forgot to take photos of the vintage fabric I bought – ack!), we made a special trip to look at a little Miniature Pinscher rescue dog. After a lot of thinking, we decided not to adopt that particular dog but to still look around. And then my neighbor told me that our landlord really frowns on tenants having two dogs. I don’t know if he doubles the already substantial pet deposit or what, but our dog plans are on hold until I find out. Poor Bina! We were all ready to look for a new sister for her and now she’s back to “only child” status.


(That’s kind of a joke – our dog doesn’t seem to mind being an only child at all. More food for her.)

Tomorrow: furniture re-arranging and (hopefully) pretty new fabric scraps. 

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