My parents went to visit my brother in Japan while Josh + I were in California. It sounds like the trip went really well, and my darling mum was exceedingly generous with the presents she brought back:

1) Buttons!


2) The cutest little bag ever! (Okay, not technically a present, but I think it’s adorable.)


3) Fabric!


4) A print that I haven’t seen yet but which will look great in my kitchen!

Regarding (3), mum reports that Japanese fabric is just as ridiculously expensive in Japan as it is imported in the states – i.e., $15-$20 a yard. Ick. I have a precious meter of the pink/mauve print above (shown on top of some Amy Butler, my treasured piece of Liberty fabric, and a great tea towel), and I’ve decided it’s the perfect color for some accents in my bedroom. Decorative pillows, anyone?

Hope you have a good weekend!


3 thoughts on “Presents!

  1. Heather – I found a metal headboard frame at a thrift store for $5 and managed to fit it into our little Toyota(!!), so that’s in the works. Still looking for the perfect fabric. The painting has dropped back on the priority list, but since it’s Josh’s anniversary present it will definitely get done sometime.

    Uncle Ted – your sis has good taste.

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